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Discount System...

    By using the Vendors and the Catalog System you can discount products using the Global Discounting, On Sale Discounting, Class Discounting and Customer Discounting (Individual Level) or even discount at the Item Level within inventory. All discount structures are based on one to five quantity break levels. The Discount Priority during order entry is On Sale, Customer, Class, Global and then Item. For example you could setup custom discounts for a certain customer for Vendor (ABC), Catalog Group (Moulding).. or Catalog plus Sub-Group (Moulding,Wood). You could have a structure for Chops and another for Length, each with 5 levels. You may have another discount structure for the same type items with higher rates for level 3 in which case the system locks the best rate for each level.

This is the Discount TAB within Customer File Maintenance.
Notice the Discount Class option in the upper right corner. This allows you to assign this account to
a custom discount class. You can also setup an custom discount structure unique for this account only.

Screen Shot - Class Discount Structure called Gold Discount...
Setup Custom Multiple Class Discount Structures...
Including Global and On-Sale discounting structures...

Key Features...

  • Discount Type - by percentage, mark-up or cost plus.
  • Item Type - Any Moulding Types, Standard Unit and Alternate Pricing 1-3.
  • 1 to 5 Quantity Break Levels.
  • Un-Limited Discount Structures per Discount Type - Global, Class, Customer etc...
  • Class Discounts - Setup custom Class Discounts and assign customers to a class.
  • Setup Time Frames for each Discount Structure. (Start and End)
  • System locks in the best rate per level for multiple discount structures.

    In the past twenty five years, we've learn a few things about the wholesale side of this industry. If we've learned one thing; discounting is very important and complex. So from the beginning our design techniques has focused on the management of these complex discounting structures. We believe this is one of the most important features that any wholesale software product could offer. And we also believe that our discounting techniques have been improved upon in this latest version.