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Kenny Bee's Tips   

General Tips

  • OnHand Inquiry - When users need to inquiry inventory for pricing or availability, don't use Inventory file maintenance (IFM) but rather you should use the OnHand Inquiry under the Orders Menu. Its much faster and can easily be left running especially for multi warehouse environments.
  • Refresh Command - When running multiple programs (screens) at the same time creates a small network on your private machine. You must keep in mind that as you make changes in one session by Save All. All other screens opened will not know of those changes until you Refresh that screen. 
  • The Enter key has no effect on moving the cursor from one field to another, use the Tab key for that...
  • Why does each State Code have zeros on the end? This system is designed for international compatibly, so a country like Australia can setup territory codes that may have three or more characters as well as any other country. The Zeros will not print on any documents that are designed for public viewing such as mailing addresses. So the zeros are only seen internally.
  • Did you know that you should Close GL at the end of each month no matter if you turned GL on or off in Warehouse Setup. See System/Warehouse Setup and Payables/Check Register (Counters TAB) to setup the Starting Last GL Close Date... Otherwise no Period Sales information and finance charges will be updated to your system.

 Working with LookUp Tables...


When working with Lookup Tables like Catalog, Territory, Salesman and Routes the system uses the same basic file maintenance screen for muilitple lookup tables.

Example - Department, Salesman and Territory Lookup Tables...

Double Click the gray box to the left of Salesman
in the upper right data grid to view or modify Salesman.

now you can double click the Salesman that you wish to edit.

  • If you double click the Department option instead of Salesman, the departments would be filtered into the bottom data grid. etc... etc...
  • This is true for any LookUp Table or Catalog and Terms...

Post Payments Queue


Post Payments Queue will allow you to post payments in a temporary batch fashion. You start with the Total Deposit, then enter each payment until total checks balances with the total deposit. Use the Save All to save temporary postings so you can quit and come back later to continue. Use the Print to print a report to help verify postings. When postings balance, use the Release option to update all postings to the live database.

Be sure to Apply each payment to Invoices or it will leave them as Open Credit's.

Don't use both Single Payment and Payment Queue at the same time or within the same time frame. Since the Payment Queue is Temporary and has not updated the system, the single Payment will not know what has been posted into the Temporary Payment Queue. Use one or the other not both during the same deposit time frame.

You will be able to use the Enter Key with this program and when applying to invoices you can enter
the invoice number without the leading zero's or double click just like everything else.

Double Click any Payment to Remove or change.
Double Click any Distribution to Remove or change.
Double Click any Check Balance to enter Distribution Mode.
After pressing Apply for any new Check, it enters Distribution Mode.
You must Save All before you can Print or Release.

The basic idea is to be able to enter all checks and verify them before releasing to live databases.
Don't forget to Apply each Check to open invoices... It's just like the Post Payments program except you're able to enter all of the payments in a batch fashion and then update all at the same time after verifying payments.