ProFrame 2015 - Wholesale Frame and Moulding Software Solutions


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Springville, Alabama USA


      We sell our software in the traditional way with a one time purchase license to use. We offer monthly support services on a as need bases and we do offer yearly support options. Since our software is not web based but desktop based, you do not rent our software to use. We never charge our customers for updates, its offered as free downloads, in most cases we do charge for upgrades.

ProFrame 2015 - Wholesale Frame and Moulding

Single User Installations: 

  • Single User - $2,895.00 (includes one user license)

Network Installations:

  • Server - $3,500.00 (includes one user license)
  • User License - $750.00 (each additional user)

Upgrade (from ProFrame I)

  • Single User - $750.00 (data transfer and installation (remote desktop)) ***
  • Network Users - $375.00 per user (data transfer and installation (remote desktop) ***
  • ...Plus Current Rates for onsite and custom programming


Note: FREE email and phone support 1st 30 days on new installations or upgrades...

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